How to Submit/Contact

Contact Form (No Attachments)

Email (For submissions with attachments)

For multimedia items submitted by email, we accept MP3, MP4, jpeg or png files.

For research purposes, we need to know a child’s first nameage and postcode only (eg. Eliza, 9, 3085). Please tell us if you do not wish the child’s name to be made public.

DO NOT send us identifiable images of children & young people under the age of 18. This includes images where school uniforms can be identified.

Facebook Submissions

Send us a private message via Facebook and please remember to include a contact email address.

Dropbox Submissions

Drag and drop your large files here and remember to include a contact email address, postcode and first name in the file name.


By submitting material to this project you are agreeing to allow your images, videos, written accounts and audio files to be displayed publicly (website and social media platforms) for the purposes of this project, to be openly accessible by researchers and cultural institutions. 

If you would like to submit material but would like us to keep it private, please contact us to discuss terms of usage and access permissions.

For contact purposes, we will store your email address, name, child’s name and age (where applicable) and postcode only. Your contact details will not be shared publicly or to a third party.

Any content published online will only include the child’s first name and age.

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