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Children’s Folklore in Australia:

The Australian Children’s Folklore Collection (Museums Victoria)

Childhood, Tradition and Change (A national study of the historical and contemporary practices and significance of Australian children’s playlore).

Play Australia (Promoting the Value of Play)

Australian Folklore Network (AFN), Representing Australian folklore collectors, researchers and performers and supporting the collection, study and dissemination of Australian folklore, in all its many varieties.

Play and Folklore (Play and Folklore was published between 1981 and 2016 as forum for discussion about childhood and children’s culture).

Articles & Videos

Coronavirus in Children’s Eyes is an audio-visual exhibition produced by ACIAC in partnership with Jeffrey Chen Art Studio, Art Wonderland Studio and Bingbing Art Studio. 

Girls playing rooftop tennis in Italy

Pandemic objects: Hopscotch‘, V&A Blog

How the coronavirus is influencing children’s play‘, The Atlantic

Keep Your Distance.’ Clapping rhyme by Irene Chagall

Kids Explain Their Rhymes, Games and Songs‘, Library of Congress

Let’s Play Today! Building connection & play through COVID-19‘, Play Australia

Coronavirus spotlights equity and access issues with children’s right to play‘, The Conversation

Coronavirus restrictions cut young children’s opportunities to socialise. What does this mean for their development?‘, ABC

How Covid-19 is changing the world’s children‘, BBC

Where’s all the toilet paper?: Answering kids’ coronavirus questions‘, Sydney Morning Herald

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